The Secret Garden, complete online version

First edition illustrated Children's Book By Frances Hodgson Burnett

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142           THE SECRET GARDEN
"Well, I wouldn't ask th' head gardener. He's too grand, Mr. Roach is."
" I've never seen him," said Mary. " I've only seen under-gardeners and Ben Weatherstaff."
" If I was you, I'd ask Ben Weatherstaff," ad­vised Martha. " He's not half as bad as he looks, for all he's so crabbed. Mr. Craven lets him do what he likes because he was here when Mrs. Craven was alive, an' he used to make her laugh. She liked him. Perhaps he'd find you a corner somewhere out o' the way."
" If it was out of the way and no one wanted it, no one could mind my having it, could they?" Mary said anxiously.
" There wouldn't be no reason," answered Martha. " You wouldn't do no harm."
Mary ate her dinner as quickly as she could and when she rose from the table she was going to run to her room to put on her hat again, but Mar­tha stopped her.
' I've got somethin' to tell you," she said. ' I thought I'd let you eat your dinner first. Mr. Craven came back this mornin' and I think he wants to see you."
Mary turned quite pale.
" Oh! " she said. " Why! Why! He didn't want to see me when I came. I heard Pitcher say he didn't."