The Secret Garden, complete online version

First edition illustrated Children's Book By Frances Hodgson Burnett

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BEN WEATHERSTAFF            279
that very moment and his jaw actually dropped as he stared over her head at something he saw com­ing over the grass toward him.
At the first sound of his torrent of words Colin had been so surprised that he had only sat up and listened as if he were spellbound. But in the midst of it he had recovered himself and beck­oned imperiously to Dickon.
"Wheel me over there!" he commanded. 11 Wheel me quite close and stop right in front of him! "
And this, if you please, this is what Ben Weath-erstaff beheld and which made his jaw drop. A wheeled chair with luxurious cushions and robes which came toward him looking rather like some sort of State Coach because a young Rajah leaned back in it with royal command in his great black-rimmed eyes and a thin white hand extended haughtily toward him. And it stopped right unr der Ben Weatherstaff's nose. It was really no wonder his mouth dropped open.
" Do you know who I am? " demanded the Rajah.
How Ben Weatherstaff stared! His red old eyes fixed themselves on what was before him as if he were seeing a ghost. He gazed and gazed and gulped a lump down his throat and did not say a word.