Original Illustrated Version By Mark Twain

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TOM'S WONDERFUL DREAM.                                         151
" And so it was ! Well, goodness gracious ! Go on, Tom ! "
"And then you began to cry."
" So I did. So I did. Not the first time, neither. And then— "
"Then Mrs. Harper she began to cry, and said Joe was just the same and she wished she hadn't whipped him for taking cream when she'd throwed it out her own self— "
" Tom ! The sperrit was upon you ! You was a prophecying—that's what you was doing! Land alive, go on, Tom ! "
"Then Sid he said—he said—"
"I don't think I said anything," said Sid.
" Yes you did, Sid," said Mary.
" Shut your heads and let Tom go on ! What did he say, Tom ? "
" He said—I think he said he hoped I was better off where I was gone to, but if I'd been better sometimes— "
" There, d'you hear that! It was his very words ! "
" And you shut him up sharp."
"I lay I did! There must a been an angel there. There was an angel there, somewheres! "
"And Mrs. Harper told about Joe scaring her with a fire-cracker, and you told about Peter and the Pain-killer— "
" Just as true as I live! "
" And then there was a whole lot of talk 'bout dragging the river for us, and 'bout having the funeral Sunday, and then you and old Miss Harper hugged and cried, and she went."
"It happened just so! It happened just so, as sure as I'm a sitting in these very tracks- Tom you couldn't told it more like, if you'd a seen it! And then what ? Go on, Tom ? "
" Then I thought you prayed for me—and I could see you and hear every word you said. And you went to bed, and I was so sorry, that I took and wrote on a piece of sycamore bark, ' We ain't deadtve are only off being pirates? and put it on the table by the candle ; and then you looked so good, laying there asleep, that I thought I went and leaned over and kissed you on the lips,"