Original Illustrated Version By Mark Twain

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" No, never budged. Drunk, I reckon. I just grabbed that towel and started !"
" I'd never 'a* thought of the towel, I bet! "
"Well, Iwould. My aunj would make me mighty sick if I lost it."
" Say, Tom, did you see that box ? "
" Huck I didn't wait to look around. I didn't see the box, I didn't see the cross. I didn't see anything but a bottle and a tin cup on the floor by Injun Joe; yes, and I saw two barrels and lots more bottles in the room. Don't you see,now, what's the matter with that ha'nted room ? "
" How ? "
" Why it's ha'nted with whisky ! Maybe all the Temperance Taverns have got a ha'nted room, hey Huck? "
"Well I reckon maybe that's so. Who'd 'a* thought such a thing? But say, Tom, now's a mighty good time to get that box, if Injun Joe's drunk."
"It is, that! You try it! "
Huck shuddered.
"Well, no—I reckon'not."
"AndIreckon not, Huck. Only one bottle alongside of Injun Joe ain't
enou'gh. If there'd been three, he'd be drunk enough and I'd do it."
There was a long pause for reflection, and then Tom said:
" Lookyhere, Huck, less not try that thing any more till we know Injun Joe's not in there. It's too scary. Now if we watch every night, we'll be dead sure to see him go out, some time or other, and then we'll snatch that box quicker'n lightning."
" Well, I'm agreed. I'll watch the whole night long, and I'll do it every night, too, if you'll do the other part of the job."
"All right, I will. All you got to do is to trot up Hooper street a block and maow—and if I'm asleep, you throw some gravel at the window and that'll fetch me."
"Agreed, and good as wheat! "
" Now Huck, the storm's over, and I'll go home. It'll begin to be daylight in a couple of hours. You go back and watch that long, will you? "
" I said I would, Tom, and I will. Til ha'nt that tavern every night for a year! I'll sleep all day and I'll stand watch all night."