Original Illustrated Version By Mark Twain

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light the sheriff and a gang are going to beat up the woods. My boys will be with them presently. I wish we had some sort of description of those rascals— 'twould help a good deal. But you could'nt see what they were like, in the dark, lad, I suppose? "
" O, yes, I saw them down town and follered them." " Splendid ! Describe them—describe them, my boy ! "
" One's the old deaf and dumb Spaniard thatrs ben around here once or twice,, and t'other's a mean looking ragged—"
"That's enough, lad, we know the men! Happened on them in the woods, back of the widow's one day, and they slunk away. Off with you, boys, and tell the sheriff—get your breakfast to-morrow morning ! "
The Welchman's sons departed at once. As they were leaving the room Huck sprang up and exclaimed:
" Oh, please don't tell anybody it was me that blowed on them ! Oh, please ! * " All right if you say it, Huck, but you ought to have the credit of what you did." " Oh, no, no ! Please don't tell! "
When the young men were gone, the old Welchman said— " They won't tell—and I won't. But why don't you want it known ? " Huck would not explain, further than to say that he already knew too much about one of those men and would not have the man know that he knew anything against him for the whole world—he would be killed for knowing it, sure. The old man promised secrecy once more, and said :
"How did you come to follow these fellows, lad ? Were they looking suspicious ?"' Huck was silent while he framed a duly cautious reply. Then he said : "Well, you see, I'm a kind of a hard lot,—least everybody says so, and I don't see nothing agin it—and sometimes I can't sleep much, on accounts of thinking about it and sort of trying to strike out a new way of doing. That was the way of it last night. I couldn't sleep, and so I come along up street 'bout midnight, a-turning it all over, and when I got to that old shackly brick store by the Temperance Tavern, T backed up agin the wall to have another think. Well, just then along comes these two chaps slipping along close by me, with something under their arm and I reckoned they'd stole it. One was a-smoking, and t'other