Original Illustrated Version By Mark Twain

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PROTECTION AGAINST GHOSTS.                                     '259
Tom's other corridor until they reached the "jumping-off place." The candles revealed the fact that it was not really a precipice, but only a steep clay hill twenty or thirty feet high. Tom whispered—
" Now I'll show you something, Huck."
He held his candle aloft and said—
"Look as far around the corner as you can. Do you see that? There—on the big rock over yonder—done with candle smoke."
" Tom, its a crossI99
"Now where's your Number Two? ' Under the cross,' hey? Right yonder's where I saw Injun Joe poke up his candle, Huck! "
Huck stared at the mystic sign a while, and then said with a shaky voice—
" Tom, less git out of here ! "
" What! and leave the treasure ? "
" Yes—leave it. Injun Joe's ghost is round about there, certain."
" No it ain't, Huck, no it ain't. It would ha'nt the place where he died—away out at the mouth of the cave—five mile from here."
" No, Tom, it wouldn't. It would hang round the money. I know the ways of ghosts, and so do you."
Tom began to fear that Huck was right. Misgivings gathered in his mind. But presently an idea occurred to him—
" Looky here, Huck, what fools we're making of ourselves! Injun Joe's ghost ain't a going to come around where there's a cross! "
The point was well taken. It had its effect.
"Tom I didn't think of that. But that's so. It's luck for us, that cross is. I reckon we'll climb down there and have a hunt for that box."
Tom went first, cutting rude steps in the clay hill as he descended. Huck fol­lowed. Four avenues opened out of the small cavern which the great rock stood in. The boys examined three of them with no result. They found a small recess in the one nearest the base of the rock, with a pallet of blankets spread down in it; also an old suspender, some bacon rhind, and the well gnawed bones of two or three fowls. But there was no money box. The lads searched and re-searched this place, but in vain. Tom said: