An illustrated trade catalogue of children's toys, novelties, games,
and fancy goods as they were sold circa 1900

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35. TEA PARTY SERIES. Size a3A x 53A inches. 14 pages, 4 pages and covers in full colors. Series includes " Puss in Boots," " The Tea Party," " Peeps at Piggy," and " The Funny A. B. C." 1 dozen assorted in package.........$ o 80
34. TOPSY SERIES. Size 4x8^ inches. 10 pages, 4 of which are full page colored illustrations. Series includes "Topsy," " Dolly's Adventures," "The Last of the Mohicans," and " Dolly at the Seaside." 1 dozen in package ... 84
61. ASSORTMENT. Seven kinds. Size 5^ x ioj^. 14 pages, 6 in full colors. Series includes " The Owl and the Fox," "Robber Kitten," "Ten Little Niggers," "Simple Simon," "Little Mother Goose," and " All About Santa Claus." 1 dozen assorted in package. 1 60
Linen Books.
1113. ASSORTED. Four kinds. Size 9x11 inches. Large and handsome books, each containing four pages in full colors. Titles: "Old Mother Hub­bard," " Cinderella," " Funny Animals at Play" and " Mother Goose." 1 dozen assorted in package...........$ 2 40
163A. BIG PICTURE SERIES. Size 9 x ioyi inches, 14 pages, six full-page color illustrations. Twelve Popular Titles are in this series. 1 dozen assorted in package............... 2 40
143/144. MOTHER GOOSE. Two kinds. Mother Goose's Chimes and Mother Goose's Rhymes, each contains 64 pages with alternate red and silver grey top and margin illustrations throughout Is also illustrated through­out with black pictures.............. 3 00
151/156. ASSORTED. " A. B. C. of Birds," and " Our Baby's A. B. C." Size i o x 12 inches. In full colors throughout. 3 00
265. LITTLE A. B. C. Printed on strong linen. Size 4x5^ inches. Text and illustrations in two colors, colored cover............................$ o 80
258. LITTLE LINEN SERIES- 12 pages printed in black and red on strong linen. Series contains " Apple Pie
A.   B. C," "Baby's Own A. B. C," " Little Learner's A. B. C," and " A.
B.  C. of Animals ".................         90
270. MERRY ALPHABET SERIES. Printed on linen. Size 8^ x ioJ^ inches. 14 pages, 6 in full colors. Very handsome covers. Series includes " Jolly Animals A. B. C," "Apple Pie A. B. C," and " Merry Alphabet "............... 4 00
150/206. ASSORTED. "By Land and Water," Frogs and Mice," and " The Brave Tin Soldier." Size 10 x 12 inches ; 14 pages all in full colors----- 3 60
220. ONE, TWO, THREE, FOUR, size 10 x 12 inches, 14 pages, twelve of which are illustrated in colors. This popu­lar edition contains the old favorite nursery jingles with attractive illustra­tions for each letter of the alphabet... 4 00