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The Famous Pirate Adventure by Robert Louis Stevenson.

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flag or ran away with the Hispaniola. From nineteen they were already reduced to fifteen, two others wTere wounded, and one, at least—the man shot beside the gun—severely wounded, if he were not dead. Every time we had a crack at them we were to take it, saving our own lives, with the extremest care. And, besides that, we had two able allies—rum and the climate.
As for the first, though we were about half a mile away, we could hear them roaring and singing late into the night; and as for the second, the doctor staked his wig that, camped where they were in the marsh and unprovided with remedies, the half of them would be on their backs before a week.
"So," he added, "if we are not all shot down first they'll be glad to be packing in the schooner. It's always a ship, and they can get to bucaneering again, I suppose."
"First ship that ever I lost," said Captain Smollett.
I was dead tired, as you may fancy; and when I got to sleep, which was not till after a great deal of tossing, I slept like a log of wood.
The rest had long been up, and had already breakfasted and increased the pile of firewood by about half as much again, when I was awakened by a bustle and the sound of voices.
"Flag of truce!" I heard some one say; and then, immediately after, with a cry of surprise, "Silver himself!"
And at that up I jumped and, rubbing my eyes, ran to a loophole in the wall.
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