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The Famous Pirate Adventure by Robert Louis Stevenson.

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just you turn it over, as in dooty bound, and see what's wrote there. Then you can talk."
'Thanky, George," replied the sea-cook. "You always was brisk for business, and has the rules by heart, George, as I'm pleased to see. Well, what is it, anyway? Ah! 'Deposed'— that's it, is it? Very pretty wrote, to be sure; like print, I swear. Your hand o' write, George? Why, you was gettin' quite a leadin' man in this here crew. You'll be cap'n next, I shouldn't wonder. Just oblige me with that torch again, will you? This pipe don't draw."
"Come now," said George, "you don't fool this crew no more. You're a funny man, by your account, but you're over now, and you'll maybe step down off that barrel and help vote."
"I thought you said you knowed the rules," returned Silver, contemptuously. "Leastways, if you don't, I do; and I wait here—and I'm still your cap'n, mind—till you outs with your grievances and I reply; in the mean time your black spot ain't worth a biscuit. After that we'll see."
"Oh," replied George, "you don't be under no kind of appre­hension; were all square, we are. First, you've made a hash of this cruise—you'll be a bold man to say no to that. Second, you let the enemy out o' this here trap for nothing. Why did they want out? I dun'no'; but it's pretty plain they wanted it. Third, you wouldn't let us go at them upon the march. Oh, we see through you, John Silver; you want to play booty, that's what's wrong with you. And then, fourth, there's this here boy."
"Is that all?" asked Silver, quietly.
"Enough, too," retorted George. "We'll all swing and sun­dry for your bungling."
"Well, now, look here, I'll answer these four p'ints; one after another I'll answer 'em. I made a hash o' this cruise, did I? Well, now, you all know what I wanted: and you all know, if that had been done, that we'd 'a' been aboard the Hispaniola this night as ever was, every man of us alive, and fit, and full of good plum-dufF, and the treasure in the hold of her, by thunder!
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