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8                UNCLE TOM'S CABIN; OR
Tealized well on 'em ; yes, sir, they have paid their pas­sage, I may say," and the trader laughed at his joke.
There was something so piquant and original in these elucidations of humanity, that Mr. Shelby could not help laiTghing, in company. Perhaps you laugh, too, dear reader ; but you know humanity comes out in a variety of strange forms nowadays, and there is no end to the odd things that humane people will say and do.
Mr. Shelby's laugh encouraged the trader to proceed. " It's strange now, but I never could beat this into people's heads. Now, there was Tom Loker, my old partner, down in Natchez ; he was a clever fellow, Tom was, only the very devil with niggers, — on principle 't was, you see, for a better-hearted feller never broke bread ; 't was his system, sir. I used to talk to Tom. ' Why, Tom,' I used to say, ' when your gals takes on and cry, what's the use o' crackin' on 'em over the head, and knockin' on 'em round ? It's ridiculous,' says I, ' and don't do no sort o' good. Why, I don't see no harm in their cryin',' says 1 ; 'it's natur,' says I, 'and if natur can't blow off one way, it will another. Besides, Tom,' says I, ' it jest spiles your gals; they get sickly and down in the mouth ; and sometimes they gets ugly, — particular yallow gals do, — and it's the devil and all gettin' on 'em broke in. Now,' says I, ' why can't you kinder coax 'em up, and speak 'em fair ? Depend on it, Tom, a little humanity, thrown in along, goes a heap further than all your jawin' and crackin' ; and it pays better,' says I, ' depend on 't.' But Tom could n't get the hang on 't; and he spiled so many for me, that I had to break off with him, though he was a good-hearted fellow, and as fair a business hand as is goin'."
"And do you find your ways of managing do the busi­ness better than Tom's ? " said Mr. Shelby. .
" Why, yes, sir, I may say so. You see, when I any­ways can, I takes a leetle care about the onpleasant parts, like selling young uns and that, — get the gals out of the