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LIFE AMONG THE LOWLY              37
a-rattlin', and I 'm lookin' out all the time; now, you jest be ready too, for I tell ye all, chiFen," she said, striking her staff hard on the floor, "dat ar glory is a mighty thing ! It's a mighty thing, chil'en, — you don'no nothing about it, — it 's wonderful." And the old creature sat down, with streaming tears, as wholly overcome, while the whole circle struck up, —
" 0 Canaan, bright Canaan, I 'm bound for the land of Canaan."
Mas'r George, by request, read the last chapters of Revelation, often interrupted by such exclamations as "The sakes now!" "Only hear that!" " Jest think on 't! " " Is all that a comin' sure enough ? "
George, who was a bright boy, and well trained in re­ligious things by his mother, finding himself an object of general admiration, threw in expositions of his own, from time to time, with a commendable seriousness and grav­ity, for which he was admired by the young and blessed by the old; and it was agreed, on all hands, that ** a minister could n't lay it off better than he did; " that li 't was reely 'mazin'! "
Uncle Tom was a sort of patriarch in religious matters, in the neighborhood. Having, naturally, an organization in which the morale was strongly predominant, together with a greater breadth and cultivation of mind than obtained among his companions, he was looked up to with great respect, as a sort of minister among them ; and the simple, hearty, sincere style of his exhortations might have edified even better educated persons. But it was in prayer that he especially excelled. Nothing could exceed the touching simplicity, the childlike earnestness of his prayer, enriched with the language of Scripture, which seemed so entirely to have wrought itself into his being as to have become a part of himself, and to drop from his lips unconsciously; in the language of a pious old negro, he " prayed right up." And so much did his prayer always work on the devotional