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LIFE AMONG THE LOWLY              57
Sam approached the colt, stroked and patted, and seemed apparently busy in soothing his agitation. On pretense of adjusting the saddle, he adroitly slipped under it the sharp little nut, in such manner that the least weight brought upon the saddle would annoy the nervous sensibilities of the animal, without leaving any perceptible graze or wound.
" Dar! " he said, rolling his eyes with an approving grin ; " me fix 'em ! "
At this moment Mrs. Shelby appeared on the balcony, beckoning to him. Sara approached with as good a de­termination to pay court as did ever suitor after a vacant place at St. James's or Washington.
" Why have you been loitering so, Sam ? I sent Andy to tell you to hurry."
" Lord bless you, Missis ! " said Sam, " horses won't be cotched all in a minnit; they 'd done clared out way down to the south pasture, and the Lord knows whar! "
" Sam, how often must I tell you not to say ' Lord bless you,' and ' The Lord knows,' and such things ? It 's wicked."
" Oh, Lord bless my soul! I done forgot, Missis! I won't say nothing of de sort no more."
" Why, Sam, you just have said it again."
" Did I ? Oh, Lord ! I mean, — I did n't go fur to say it."
" You must be careful, Sam."
" Just let me get my breath, Missis, and I '11 start fair. I 11 be bery careful."
" Well, Sam, you are to go with Mr. Haley, to show him the road, and help him. Be careful of the horses, Sam ; you know Jerry was a little lame last week; don't ride them too fast."
Mrs. Shelby spoke the last words with a low voice, and strong emphasis.
" Let dis child alone for dat! " said Sam, rolling up his eyes with a volume of meaning. " Lord knows ! Hi I