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LIFE AMONG THE LOWLY            I'll
shall get into business bright and early in the morning. But I 'm thinking I shall feel rather cheap there, after all that's been said and done ; but, hang it, I can't help it! "
" Your heart is better than your head, in this case, John/' said the wife, laying her little white hand on his. " Could I ever have loved you, had I not known you better than you know yourself ? " And the little woman looked so handsome, with the tears sparkling in her eyes, that the senator thought he must be a decidedly clever fellow, to get such a pretty creature into such a passionate admira­tion of him ; and so, what could he do but walk off soberly, to see about the carriage. At the door, however, he stopped a moment, and then coming back, he said, with some hesitation, —
" Mary, I don't know how you 'd feel about it, but there 's that drawer full of things — of — of — poor little Henry's." So saying, he turned quickly on his heelt and shut the door after him.
His wife opened the little bedroom door adjoining her room, and, taking the candle, set it down on the top of a bureau there ; then from a small recess she took a key, and put it thoughtfully in the lock of a drawer, and made a sudden pause, while two boys, who, boy-like, had followed close on her heels, stood looking, with silent, significant glances, at their mother. And oh, mother that reads this, has there never been in your house a drawer, or a closet, the opening of which has been to you like the opening again of a little grave ? Ah ! happy mother that you are, if it has not been so.
Mrs. Bird slowly opened the drawer. There were little coats of many a form and pattern, piles of aprons, and rows of small stockings ; and even a pair of little shoes, worn and rubbed at the toes, were peeping from the folds of a paper. There was a toy horse and wagon, a top, a ball, — memorials gathered with many a tear and many a heart-break. She sat down by the drawer, and, leaning her head on her hands over it, wept till the tears fell