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LIFE AMONG THE LOWLY            127
fellers, they hates it like sin., No way but to fetter 'em; got legs — the#- '11 use 'em, — no mistake."
" Well," said the smith, feeling among his tools, " them plantations down thar, stranger, an't jest the place a Ken-tuck nigger wants to go to ; they dies thar tol'able fast, don't they ? "
" Wal, yes, tol'able fast, ther dying is ; what with the 'climating and one thing and another, they dies so as to keep the market up pretty brisk," said Haley.
" Wal, now, a feller can't help thinkin' it's a mighty pity to have a nice, quiet, likely feller, as good un as Tom is, go down to be fairly ground up on one of them ar sugar plantations."
" Wal, he 's got a fa'r chance. I promised to do well by him. I '11 get him in house-servant in some good old family, and then, if he stands the fever, and 'climating, he '11 have a berth good as any nigger ought ler ask for."
" He leaves his wife and chil'en up here, s'pose ? "
" Yes ; but he '11 get another thar. Lord, thar 's wo­men enough everywhar," said Haley.
Tom was sitting very mournfully on the outside of the shop while this conversation was going on. Suddenly he heard the quick, short click of a horse's hoof behind him; and, before he could fairly awake from his surprise, young Master George sprang into the wagon, threw his arms tumultuously round his neck, and was sobbing and scolding with energy.
" I declare, it's real mean ! I don't care what they say, any of 'em ! It's a nasty, mean shame ! If I was a man, they should n't do it, — they should not, so I * said George, with a kind of subdued howl.
" Oh, Mas'r George ! this does me good ! " said Tom. " I could n't bar to go off without seein' ye ! It does me real good, ye can't tell! " Here Tom made some move­ment of his feet, and George's eye fell on the fetters.
" What a shame ! " he exclaimed, lifting his hands. " I '11 knock that old fellow down, — I will! "