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146            UNCLE TOM'S CABIN; OR
" I 'm perfectly dumfoundered with your boldness !" said Mr. Wilson, — " to come right here to the nearest tavern ! "
" Mr. Wilson, it is so bold, and this tavern is so near, that they will never think of it; they will look for me on ahead, and you yourself would n't know me. Jim's mas­ter don't live in this county ; he is n't known in these parts. Besides, he is given up ; nobody is looking after him, and nobody will take me up from the advertisement, I think."
" But the mark on your hand ? "
George drew off his glove, and showed a newly healed scar in his hand.
" That is a parting proof of Mr. Harris's regard," he said, scornfully. " A fortnight ago, he took it into his head to give it to me, because he said he believed I should try to get away one of these days. Looks interesting, does n't it ? " he said, drawing his glove on again.
" I declare, my very blood runs cold when I think of it, —your condition and your risks ! " said Mr. Wilson.
" Mine has run cold a good many years, Mr. Wilson; at present, it's about up to the boiling point," said George.
" Well, my good sir," continued George, after a few moments' silence, " I saw you knew me; I thought I 'd just have this talk with you, lest your surprised looks should bring me out. I leave early to-morrow morning, before daylight; by to-morrow night I hope to sleep safe in Ohio. I shall travel by daylight, stop at the best hotels, go to the dinner-tables with the lords of the land. So, good-by, sir; if you hear that I 'm taken, you may know that I 'm dead ! "
George stood up like a rock, and put out his hand with the air of a prince. The friendly little old man shook it heartily, and after a little shower of caution, he took his umbrella, and fumbled his way out of the room.
George stood thoughtfully looking at the door, as the old man closed it. A thought seemed to flash across his mind. He hastily stepped to it, and, opening it, said, —