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LIFE AMONG THE LOWLY            255
" Well, do stop, then," said Eliza, " and do something for that poor man ; he 's groaning dreadfully."
" It would be no more than Christian," said George ; " let's take him up and carry him on."
" And doctor him up among the Quakers ! " said Phin-eas ; " pretty well, that! Well, I don't care if we do. Here, let's have a look at him; " and Phineas, who, in the course of his hunting and backwoods life, had acquired some rude experience of surgery, kneeled down by the wounded man, and began a careful examination of his condition.
" Marks," said Tom, feebly, " is that you, Marks ? "
" No ; I reckon 't an't, friend," said Phineas. " Much Marks cares for thee, if his own skin 's safe. He 's off, long ago."
" I believe I 'm done for," said Tom. " The cussed sneak­ing dog, to leave me to die alone! My poor old mother always told me 't would be so."
" La sakes! jist hear the poor crittur. He 's got a mammy, now," said the old negress. " I can't help kinder pityin' on him."
" Softly, softly ; don't thee snap and snarl, friend," said Phineas, as Tom winced and pushed his hand away. " Thee has no chance, unless I stop the bleeding." And Phineas busied himself with making some off-hand surgi­cal arrangements with his own pocket-handkerchief, and such as could be mustered in the company.
" You pushed me down there," said Tom, faintly.
" Well, if I had n't, thee would have pushed us down, thee sees," said Phineas, as he stooped to apply his band­age. " There, there, — let me fix this bandage. We mean well to thee ; we bear no malice. Thee shall be taken to a house where they '11 nurse thee first-rate, — as well as thy own mother could."
Tom groaned, and shut his eyes. In men of his class, vigor and resolution are entirely a physical matter, and ooze out with the flowing of the blood ; and the gigantic fellow really looked piteous in his helplessness.