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256            UNCLE TOM'S CABIN; OR
The other party now came up. The seats were taken out of the wagon. The buffalo-skins, doubled in fours, were spread all along one side, and four men, with great difficulty, lifted the heavy form of Tom into it. Before he was gotten in, he fainted entirely. The old negress, in the abundance of her compassion, sat down on the bottom, and took his head in her lap. Eliza, George, and Jim be­stowed themselves, as well as they could, in the remaining space, and the whole party set forward.
" What do you think of him? " said George, who sat by Phineas, in front.
" Well, it's only a pretty deep flesh-wound; but, then, tumbling and scratching down that place did n't help liim much. It has bled pretty freely, — pretty much dreaned him out, courage and all, but he '11 get over it, and may be learn a thing or two by it."
" I 'm glad to hear you say so," said George. " It would always be a heavy thought to me, if I 'd caused his death, even in a just cause."
" Yes," said Phineas, " killing is an ugly operation, any way they '11 fix it, — man or beast. I 've been a great hunter, in my day, and I tell thee I 've seen a buck that was shot down, and a-dying, look that way on a feller with his eye, that it reely most made a feller feel wicked for killing on him ; and human creatures is a more serious consideration yet, bein', as thy wife says, that the judg­ment comes to 'em after death. So I don't know as our people's notions on these matters is too strict; and, con-siderin' how I was raised, I fell in with them pretty con­siderably."
" What shall you do with this poor fellow ? " said George.
" Oh, carry him along to Amariah's. There's old Grandmam Stephens there, — Dorcas, they call her, — she 's most an amazin' nurse. She takes to nursing real natural, and an't never better suited than when she gets a sick body to tend. We may reckon on turning him over to her for a fortnight or so."