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LIFE AMONG THE LOWLY            325
" Well, laws, I's a-thinkin', Missis, it's time Sally was put along to be doin' something. Sally 's been under my care, now, dis some time, and she does most as well as me, considerin'; and if Missis would only let me go, I would help fetch up de money. I an't afraid to put my cake, nor pies nother, 'long side no perfectioners."
" Confectioner's, Chloe."
" Law sakes, Missis ! 't an't no odds ; words is so curis, can't never get 'em right! "
" But, Chloe, do you want to leave your children ? "
" Laws, Missis! de boys is big enough to do day's works, dey does well enough; and Sally, she '11 take de baby, she's such a peart young un, she won't take no lookin' arter."
" Louisville is a good way off."
" Law sakes ! who 's afeared ? it's down river, somer near my old man, perhaps ? " said Chloe, speaking the last in the tone of a question, and looking at Mrs. Shelby.
" No, Chloe, it's many a hundred miles off," said Mrs. Shelby.
Chloe's countenance fell.
" Never mind ; your going there shall bring you nearer, Chioe. Yes, you may go; and your wages shall every cent of them be laid aside for your husband's redemption."
As when a bright sunbeam turns a dark cloud to silver, so Chloe's dark face brightened immediately, it really shone.
" Laws ! if Missis is n't too good ! I was thinking of dat ar very thing; 'cause I should n't need no clothes, nor shoes, nor nothin', I could save every cent. How many weeks is der in a year, Missis ? "
" Fifty-two," said Mrs. Shelby.
" Laws ! now, dere is ? and four dollars for each on 'em. Why, how much 'd dat ar be ? "
" Two hundred and eight dollars," said Mrs. Shelby.
" Why-e !" said Chloe, with an accent of surprise and delight; " and how long would it take me to work it out, Missis ? "