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372             UNCLE TOM'S CABIN; OR
— that was impossible ; it was not resignation; it was only a calm resting in the present, which seemed so beau­tiful that he wished to think of no future. It was like that hush of spirit which we feel amid the bright, mild woods of autumn, when the bright hectic flush is on the trees, and the last lingering flowers by the brook ; and we joy in it all the more, because we know that soon it will all pass away.
The friend who knew most of Eva's own imaginings and foreshadowings was her faithful bearer, Tom. To him she said what she would not disturb her father by saying. To him she imparted those mysterious intimations which the soul feels, as the cords begin to unbind, ere it leaves its clay forever.
Tom, at last, would not sleep in his room, but lay all night in the outer veranda, ready to rouse at every call.
" Uncle Tom, what alive have you taken to sleeping anywhere and everywhere, like a dog, for ?' said Miss Ophelia. " I thought you was one of the orderly sort, that liked to lie in bed in a Christian way."
"I do, Miss Feely," said Tom, mysteriously. "I do, but now " —
" Well, what now ? "
" We must n't speak loud ; Mas'r St. Clare won't hear on 't; but, Miss Feely, you know there must be somebody watchin' for the bridegroom."
" What do you mean, Tom ? "
" You know it says in Scripture, i At midnight there was a great cry made, Behold, the bridegroom cometh.' That's what I 'm spectin' now, every night, Miss Feely, — and I could n't sleep out o' hearin', noways."
" Why, Uncle Tom, what makes you think so ?';
" Miss Eva, she talks to me. The Lord, He sends his messenger in the soul. I must be thar, Miss Feely ; for when that ar blessed child goes into the kingdom, they '11 open the door so wide, we '11 all get a look in at the glory, Miss Feely."