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LIFE AMONG THE LOWLY            447
a' ? " and, with the word, kicking the woman with his heavy cowhide shoe, he struck Tom across the face with his whip.
Tom silently resumed his task; but the woman, before at the last point of exhaustion, fainted.
" I '11 bring her to ! " said the driver, with a brutal grin. " I '11 give her something better than camphire ! '' and, taking a pin from his coat-sleeve, he buried it to the head in her flesh. The woman groaned, and half rose. " Get up, you beast, and work, will yer, or I '11 show yer a trick more ! "
The woman seemed stimulated, for a few moments, to an unnatural strength, and worked with desperate eager­ness.
" See that you keep to dat ar," said the man, " or yer '11 wish yer 's dead to-night, I reckin ! "
" That I do now ! " Tom heard her say ; and again he heard her say, " O Lord, how long ! O Lord, why don't you help us ? "
At the risk of all that he might suffer, Tom came for­ward again, and put all the cotton in his sack into the. woman's.
" Oh, you must n't! you donno what they '11 do to ye ! " said the woman.
" I can bar it! " said Tom, " better 'n you ; " and he was at his place again. It passed in a moment.
Suddenly, the stranger woman whom we have de­scribed, and who had, in the course of her work, come near enough to hear Tom's last words, raised her heavy black eyes, and fixed them, for a second, on him ; then, taking a quantity of cotton from her basket, she placed it in his.
" You know nothing about this place," she said, " or you would n't have done that. When you 've been here a month, you '11 be done helping anybody ; you '11 find it hard enough to take care of your own skin ! '
"The Lord forbid, Missis! " said Tom, using instinc-