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LIFE AMONG THE LOWLY            479
him right up in the press of the season, just to serve your own spite, it 's no business of mine. I 've done what I could for him."
" You have ? What business have you meddling in my matters ? "
" None, to be sure. I 've saved you some thousands of dollars, at different times, by taking care of your hands, — that's all the thanks I get. If your crop comes shorter into market than any of theirs, you won't lose your bet, I suppose ? Tompkins won't lord it over you, I sup­pose, — and you '11 pay down your money like a lady, won't you ? I think I see you doing it! "
Legree, like many other planters, had but one form of ambition, — to have in the heaviest crop of the season, — and he had several bets on this very present season pend­ing in the next town. Cassy, therefore, with woman's tact, touched the only string that could be made to vibrate.
" Well, I '11 let him off at what he 's got," said Legree ; "but he shall beg my pardon, and promise better fash-ions.
" That he won't do," said Cassy.
" No, he won't," said Cassy.
" I 'd like to know why, Mistress," said Legree, in the extreme of scorn.
" Because he 's done right, and he knows it, and won't say he 's done wrong."
" Who a cuss cares what he knows ? The nigger ^hall say what I please, or "—
" Or, you '11 lose your bet on the cotton crop, by keep­ing him out of the field, just at this very press."
" But he will give up, — course, he will; don't I know what niggers is ? He '11 beg like a dog, this morning."
" He won't, Simon; you don't know this kind. You may kill him by inches, — you won't get the first word of confession out of him."
" We '11 see ; — where is he ? " said Legree, going out.