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496              UNCLE TOM'S CABIN; OR
" The earth shall be dissolved like snow, The sun shall cease to shine ; But God, who called me here below, Shall be forever mine.
" And when this mortal life shall fail, And flesh and sense shall cease, I shall possess within the veil, A life of joy and peace.
" When we 've been there ten thousand years, Bright shining like the sun, We 've no less days to sing God's praise, Than when we first begun."
Those who have been familiar with the religious histo­ries of the slave population know that relations like what we have narrated are very common among them. We have heard some from their own lips, of a very touching and affecting character. The psychologist tells us of a state, in which the affections and images of the mind become so dominant and overpowering, that they press into their ser­vice the outward senses, and make them give tangible shape to the inward imagining. Who shall measure what an all-pervading Spirit may do with these capabilities of our mortality, or the ways in which He may encourage the de­sponding souls of the desolate? If the poor forgotten slave believes that Jesus hath appeared and spoken to him, who shall contradict him ? Did He not say that his mis­sion, in all ages, was to bind uj3 the broken-hearted, and set at liberty them that are bruised ?
When the dim gray of dawn woke the slumberers to go forth to the field, there was among those tattered and shiv­ering wretches one who walked with an exultant tread; for, firmer than the ground he trod on was his strong faith in Almighty, eternal love. Ah, Legree, try all your forces now! Utmost agony, woe, degradation, want, and loss of all things, shall only hasten on the process by which he shall be made a king and a priest unto God !
From this time, an inviolable sphere of peace en com-