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LIFE AMONG THE LOWLY            519
made no answer. She only took her hand, with a gentle, caressing movement.
" Don't! " said Cassy, trying to draw it away ; " you '11 get me to loving you ; and I never mean to love anything, again !
" Poor Cassy ! ' said Emmeline, " don't feel so ! If the Lord gives us liberty, perhaps he '11 give you back your daughter ; at any rate, I '11 be like a daughter to you. I know I '11 never see my poor old mother again! I shall love you, Cassy, whether you love me or not! "
The gentle, childlike spirit conquered. Cassy sat down by her, put her arm round her neck, stroked her soft, brown hair; and Emmeline then wondered at the beauty of her magnificent eyes, now soft with tears.
" Oh, Em ! " said Cassy, " I 've hungered for my chil­dren, and thirsted for them, and my eyes fail with longing for them! Here! here! " she said, striking her breast, " it's all desolate, all empty ! If God would give me back my children, then I could pray."
" You must trust Him, Cassy," said Emmeline ; " He is our Father! "
u His wrath is upon us," said Cassy; "He has turned away in anger."
" No, Cassy ! He will be good to us ! Let us hope in Him," said Emmeline,— " I always have had hope."
The hunt was long, animated, and thorough, but unsuc­cessful ; and with grave, ironic exultation, Cassy looked down on Legree, as, weary and dispirited, he alighted from his horse.
" Now, Quimbo," said Legree, as he stretched himself down in the sitting-room, " you jest go and walk that Tom up here, right away! The old cuss is at the bottom of this yer whole matter ; and I '11 have it out of his old black hide, or I '11 know the reason why."
Sambo and Quimbo, both, though hating each other, were joined in one mind by a no less cordial hatred of