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More adventures of the famous 11 year old and the "outlaws"

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18                                  WILLIAM
Henry. " I thought it was us he wanted to kill 'cause of the money that was comin' to us from the relation what people thought was drowned in a shipwreck."
" You talk," said William irritably, " 's if there was only one reason for anyone wantin' to kill anyone. 'F you'd read all those books what Ginger 'n' me've read you'd know that there's dozens an' dozens of reasons for people killin' people. I bet this ole man Scraggy had a hoard of money hid in his house. He was a miser, an' the other man found out he was a miser with hearin' him countin' his money through the wall. The noise of it kept him awake at night prob'ly so's he couldn't sleep, an' he made a hole in the wall so's he could watch him to see what he was doin' an' he saw him countin' out sovereigns. An' then he made his plot. He's been practisin' with poisons all this while prob'ly pretendin' to be gard'nin'. He tried to practise on us an' I bet if he'd 've been able to hit us we'd be dead 'n' buried by now."
" What d'you think he's done with the body ? " said Ginger hoarsely.
" Oh, there's lots of ways of gettin' rid of bodies," said William carelessly. - That never worries anyone —gettin' rid of bodies. Bury in's the easiest . . . Yes, I think most of 'em bury 'em. Yes, I think that's what they do. Bury 'em. . . . Course!" with a sudden burst of inspiration, " that's what he's been doin'—pretending to be int'rested in gard'nin' all this while jus' so's to be able to bury him without people suspectin' any thin'. You see, if he sudd'nly dug a hole to bury him people would suspect somethin' an' they'd dig up the bit he'd dug to see what he'd buried there, but if he'd been diggin' up his garden for weeks an' weeks no one could find where he'd dug the hole to bury him 'cause it would all look fresh dug up an' so no one would suspect any thin'. I bet he's one of the very clever ones. Well, I mean, that's clever, isn't it ? I bet we wouldn't 've thought of that—I bet that if we'd
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