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More adventures of the famous 11 year old and the "outlaws"

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beyond the shrubbery across a gravelled path. It was farther than he meant to venture, but WiUiam never liked to relinquish any undertaking half performed. He ventured cautiously on to the gravelled path, darted forward and—collided with the little girl who was just coming round the corner. Both sat down on the gravel very suddenly and stared at each other in breathless surprise.
The little girl's surprise needs no accounting for. William's appearance has already been described. William's surprise will be understood when I say that the little girl, too, was in fancy dress—an elaborate affair of satin and pearls—and that her fancy dress was obviously meant to impersonate Mary Queen of Scots. She looked very pretty in it. William gaped at her.
Hello," she said, " what are you doing in our garden ? "
" Jus' lookin' round," said William loftily as he straightened his boudoir cap.
" You're the boy that pulled a face at me."
" I know," said WiUiam and did it again.
She retahated.
" That's a good one," said WiUiam condescendingly. " How do you do it ? "
" You start with your nose and then you do your mouth," said the Uttle girl. " Like this."
Willam tried it.
" Yes, that's right," she said, " you do it joUy well," and added admiringly, " you are an ugly boy. Why are you dressed up ? "
" Why shouldn't I be ? Why are you, anyway ? "
" I hate it. I've got to go to a sUly place they've made for me in the garden and be talked to by a stupid woman."
" Don't you want to be ? "
" No, I hate it. I hate everything. There's only one thing in the whole world I want and that's to go
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