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More adventures of the famous 11 year old and the "outlaws"

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128                                WILLIAM
William was left alone on the garden path. The zest with which he had originated the plan was fading and he was beginning to see some of its disadvantages. His mackintosh had fallen off in the shrubbery. He had an uncomfortable suspicion that his appearance was not such as to inspire confidence should he meet anyone in this garden. Where was this " silly place" the little girl had mentioned ? He proceeded cautiously down the path, ready to turn tail and run into the shrubbery if he met anyone. He didn't meet anyone. At the end of the path he found an elaborate little garden house with two small but luxuriously furnished rooms. William entered one of them and sat down. A middle-aged woman with very large spectacles and carrying an attache case was approaching from the opposite direction.
Miss Perkins had been sent by her paper, Woman's Sphere, to interview Rosemary, the daughter of Clarice Verney, the famous actress. At a series of tableaux lately given in London by the children of famous actors and actresses Rosemary had appeared as Mary Queen of Scots and her appearance had created some­thing of a furore. Woman's Sphere had at once conceived the plan of an illustrated interview and had approached Rosemary's mother. Rosemary's mother had no objection at all, provided that she herself figured largely in both interview and illustration. Miss Perkins had already interviewed Rosemary's mother, and the photographer was now engaged in posing Rosemary's mother for the photograph. Miss Perkins had been told that she would find Rosemary in the dress in which she had appeared in the tableaux in the beautiful little garden house that had been her mother's last birthday present to her, and that was her favourite haunt. Miss Perkins approached the little house, wearing her most engaging smile. She saw the flicker of a fancy dress, and the smile broadened.
" So this is the little-----"
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