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of mine I told you about who likes cookie boys. Here it is, love. She helped to make it. Isn't he a beauty ? Look, she's put buttons on his boots."
Mrs. Roundway's sister was exactly like Mrs. Roundway to look at—small and round and fair and smiling. But she talked. She was as garrulous as Mrs. Round way was silent. On the whole William didn't like her quite as much as he liked Mrs. Roundway. She insisted on telling him all about Sydney, and he didn't want to know about Sydney. And she made the cookie boys too elaborate.
He was relieved to find Mrs. Roundway alone at the window the next time he passed the cottage. She nodded and smiled and beckoned and came running down with the cookie boy as usual.
Then she pointed down the road, where the figure of her sister could be seen disappearing in the distance in company with a stalwart-looking male.
"It's George," said Mrs. Roundway, smiling myster­iously. " He's always been fond of her. He'd have had her when she was a girl but for Bert. No, not the one she married, Bert isn't. He had curly hair, and I never could abide him though she nearly married him. It was all his hair. Golden curls he had, like a girl. She couldn't resist 'em—till, fortunate like, Pete Hemmings come along. Him what she married. No, it was always George I liked best. I hoped he'd come forward again. He's bin hangin' back a bit along of her money till now. He's taken a bit of encouraging but I think it's all right now. They seem to be walkin' out all right now."
It was the longest speech William had ever heard her make, and William shared something of her enthusiasm. William, too, wanted Maggie to marry George. He wanted Mrs. Roundway to be left alone in her cottage again. He didn't like having to sustain long conversations about Sydney whenever he received his cookie boys, and he didn't like his cookie boys
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