Christmastide - online book

Its History, Festivities And Carols

By William Sandys, F.S.A. Published By John Russell Smith London, Circa 1890

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I T would not be consistent with the proposed character of this work to enlarge on the Christian dispensation, as connected with the sacred feast of Christmas; to show Christianity as old as the Creation; that the fall of man naturally involved his punishment; and hence the vicarious sacrifice of our Saviour to redeem us from sin and death. These are subjects to be entered on by those who have had opportunities, if not of thinking more, at least of reading more, relative to them, than the writer of these pages, whose leisure hours are few, and whose endeavour will be to give, in as popular and interesting a manner as his information respecting the mode of keeping this Holy Feast, particularly in England, in the olden times, and in the middle ages.