The Enid Blyton Holiday Book - complete online version

41 Illustrated Children's Stories from Enid Blyton

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T here was once a most inquisitive little mouse called Woffles. He poked his sharp nose into everything, and knew everyone's business. He had a long thin tail, and the finest whiskers of his family. They spread out on each side of his face and gave him a very knowing look indeed.
Woffles was proud of his whiskers. He twitched them about when he spoke, and everyone noticed them and said: " Oh, Woffles, how fine your whiskers are! " Then he felt pleased.
One night Woffles looked out of his window and saw a bright Hght in the garden next door. Mr. Tailer, a large vole, lived there. Woffles won­dered what he could be doing in the garden so late at night, and he felt very curious. He really must go and see!
Mr. Tailer was simply lighting a bonfire to burn his rubbish, that was all. He had turned out a lot of old boxes and papers and he wanted to burn them. The bonfire wouldn't Hght properly, for it had been raining and the pile of rubbish was wet—so Mr. Tailer went indoors to get some paraffin to throw on the heap. Then it would flare up and soon burn away.
Woffles crept out of his back door, climbed over the fence and ran to the rubbish-heap, where he could see a Httle flame trying to Hck up the rubbish.
"I wonder what old Mr. Tailer is burning!" thought Woffles to himself. " Perhaps there is a box here that would do to keep my firewood in."
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