The Enid Blyton Holiday Book - complete online version

41 Illustrated Children's Stories from Enid Blyton

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O nce upon a time a bit of paper blew into Gobby's garden. Gobby was a pixie, and he ran to pick up the paper, for he didn't like rubbish in his garden.
But it wasn't rubbish. It was a page of notepaper, with writing on it.
" Good gracious! " said Gobby. " It's Witch Heyho's writing! I'll read it."
Now Gobby should not have read it. He should have taken it straight back to Witch Heyho, who was writing busily in her garden a little way away. But Gobby was very curious to see what was written on the bit of paper, so he read it all.
And he found it was a spell to make something grow. There should have been two pages to the spell, but Gobby thought the one page told him quite enough to use the magic. It was to make something black grow well.
" Now let's see," thought Gobby, frowning till his eyes were almost shut. " Something black—why, that must be black currants of course! Witch Heyho has plenty of black-currant bushes in her garden, and she wants them to have lots of fruit this year. Aha! This is part of the spell she has written here! What fun! Now I can make black currants grow too."
He read the bit of paper again. " To make them grow big and black in crowds, get a pint of soot, a pint of moonlit dew, and stir up together with a peacock's feather," he read. " Add six petals of a wallflower, and the shine off a black stone. Say the four magic words, 'Quilla, coona, dalla, ho,' as quickly as you can, five times. Now choose the place where you want the magic to grow, and paint it carefully with the mixture."
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