The Blue Fairy Book - online children's book

Edited By Andrew Lang and With Numerous Illustrations By H. J. Ford
and G. P Jacomb Hood (volume 1 of 12)
Published By Longmans, Green, And Co London, Circa 1889

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The Tales in this volume are intended for children, who will like, it is hoped, the old stories that have pleased so many generations. The tales of Perrault are printed from the old English version of the eighteenth century. The stories from the Cabinet des Fees and from Madame d'Aulnoy are translated, or rather adapted, by Miss Minnie Wright, who has also, by M. Henri Carnoy's kind permission, rendered ' The Bronze King ' from his Traditions Populaires de L'Asie Mineare (Maisonneuve, Paris, 1889). The stories from Grimm are translated by Miss May Sellar ; another from the German by Miss Sylvia Hunt; the Norse tales are a version by Mrs. Alfred Hunt; ' The Terrible Head' is adapted from Apollodorus, Simonides, and Pindar by the Editor ; Miss Violet Hunt condensed ' Aladdin ' ; Miss May Kendall did the same for Gulliver's Travels ; ' The Fairy Paribanou ' is abridged from the old English translation of Galland. Messrs. Chambers have kindly allowed us to reprint ' The Red Etin' and ' The Black Bull of Norroway ' from Mr. Kobert Chambers' Popular Traditions of Scotland. ' Dick Whittington' is from the chap book edited by Mr. Gomme and Mr. Wheatley for the Villon Society ; ' Jack the Giant-Killer ' is from a chap book, but a good version of this old favourite is hard to procure.

I have had to rearrange the pages a bit so the full page illustrations are all now at the beginning of the book. Otherwise the page order is unchanged. Deduct 100 from the numbers shown to get the original page numbers.