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230                THE RASPBERRY WORM
could not find it, Yes, and what more is there to tell about a raspberry worm ? Who would give three straws for such a miserable little thing ? Yes, but who would not like to live in such a pretty home as it lives in ; in such a fresh fragrant dark-red cottage, far away in the quiet wood among flowers and green leaves !
Now it was just dinner time, so they all had a dinner of raspberries and cream. ' Be careful with the sugar, Otto,' said the big sister; but Otto's plate was like a snowdrift in winter, with just a little red under the snow.
Soon after dinner the big sister said : ' Now we have eaten up the raspberries and we have none left to make preserve for the winter; it would be fine if we could get two baskets full of berries, then we could clean them this evening, and to-morrow we could cook them in the big preserving pan, and then we should have raspberry jam to eat on our bread ! '
' Come, let us go to the wood and pick,' said Lisa.
' Yes, let us,' said Aina. ' You take the yellow basket and I will take the green one.'
' Don't get lost, and come back safely in the evening,' said the big sister.
' Greetings to the raspberry worm,' said Otto, mock­ingly. ' Next time I meet him I shall do him the honour of eating him up.'
So Aina and Lisa went off to the wood. Ah ! how delightful it was there, how beautiful! It was certainly tiresome sometimes climbing over the fallen trees, and getting caught in the branches, and waging war with the juniper bushes and the midges, but what did that matter ? The girls climbed well in their short dresses, and soon they were deep in the wood.
There were plenty of bilberries and elder berries, but no raspberries. They wandered on and on, and at last they came . . . No, it could not be true ! . . . they came to a large raspberry wood. The wood had been on
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